Pricing plan (excluding tax)

1. For first-time participants

Trial lesson2,000 JPY (only once)
Visitor fee3,000 JPY


2. General members

General members are charged a monthly fixed fee. Choose the best plan for your lifestyle!

Admission fee10,000 JPY
Annual fee0 JPY

Monthly fixed fee

UL: UnLimitedAvailable at all schools. Monday to Sunday 10:00-22:509,237 JPY
DF: Day Free pathAvailable at all schools. Monday to Sunday 10:00-18:308,800 JPY
HF: Holiday FreeAvailable at all schools. 10:00 to 22:50 on Saturday and Sunday8,800 JPY
DE: Day EndAvailable at all schools. Monday to Sunday 21:30-23:006,800 JPY
FF: Fast FreeAvailable at all schools. Monday to Sunday 10:00-14:304,800 JPY
BM-1: BOX Member 1Available only at admission facility. One lesson per month2,200 JPY
BM-2: BOX Member 2Available only at admission facility. Two lessons per month4,200 JPY
BM-4: BOX Member 4Available only at admission facility. Four lessons per month7,200 JPY
One additional lesson ticketFor additional lessons other than the admitted facility2,000 JPY


3. Corporate membership

We also have a corporate membership program to be used as part of your corporate welfare programs.

Admission fee20,000 JPY
Annual fee10,000 JPY

Monthly fixed fee

CMF: Company member freeAvailable at all schools. Monday to Sunday 10:00-22:5040,000 JPY
CMT: Company member ticketAvailable at all schools. Monday to Sunday 10:00-22:50.20,000 JPY

CMT: Lessons are charged at 1,000 JPY each, to be paid separately at the time of each lesson.

Please consult us for fees for more than 20 registered users.
Certificate of All Historical Matters (Less than three months from the date of issuance/ Copies are accepted) required for applications for corporate memberships.