1. The 5 most FAQ

I can’t speak Japanese, is it okay?

There is no problem. We can respond to several languages.
[(Available in English as of October 1, 2019.)]
Staffs and instructors will provide careful support even if you do not speak Japanese.

Can Wi-fi be used?

Ikebukuro and Omiya schools both provide free wi-fi services.

Do you support cashless payment?

Yes, cash less payment is available. Monthly dance school lessons can be paid by credit card.
Items sold at Ikebukuro and Omiya schools can be paid using QR codes(PayPay).

What is the process of application for non-Japanese students?

Non-Japanese students may be admitted by satisfying the following conditions for admissions:
1. A person who understands, approves, and is able to sign the school rules.
2. Those who have an address in Japan.
3. Presentation of identification card.

What do I need for the admission procedure?

(1) Identification card (with current address information)
(2) Credit card
(3) Admission fee (Campaigns, etc. are available)
(4) Monthly fee for the first 2 months
* Students will be given a 10% discount to the monthly fee. Please bring your student ID card

2. FAQ by newcomers

Is it okay even if I have no prior experience at all?

Yes! Feel free to take our lessons.

I don’t know anything about dance genres. Which lesson should I pick?

If you like the energy, rhythm, or steps in dancing, we recommend hip hop or rhythm training. If you like smooth and dainty moves, we recommend jazz or hip-hop jazz. If you want to master major acrobatics, or awe-inspiring physical movements, we recommend breakdancing or pop. If you want to show off the newest dance moves, we recommend R&B hip hop. We also suggest casually trying out different genres.

What should I wear to class?

Wear something easy to move in, such as a t-shirt and shorts.
Please also bring indoor sneakers, socks, and a towel for wiping sweat.
The school also has its original wear.

What are the students’ age groups?

From elementary school students to people in their 50’s. They find different classes they enjoy.

3. Business hours / schedule

Are there regular closing days? Any other closing days?

We are closed at the end of every month, i.e., on the 29th, 30th and 31st. Besides that, we are closed for three days: August 13th, 14th, and 15th as a summer holiday. Around New Year’s, we are closed for 7 days, from December 29th to January 4th.
We may also be closed preparing for recitals and events for 2-3 days a year.

How early should I show up?

Since you will need to change, please arrive 15 minutes prior to class.

4. About visiting / trial classes

[Before visiting] Can I tour the facility?


[Before visiting] Is there something I should bring on a tour?

Nothing in particular.

[Before visiting] Can I take a trial lesson at the facility?

Yes. You may also contact us from “here” for details.

[When visiting] Could I watch a lesson that interests me from the beginning to the end?

Yes. You can watch over a mirrored wall.

[During your trial class] What can I do in a trial class?

You can take part in a lesson.
Also, please feel free to ask whatever question you may have to the staff.
The staff will make suggestions on dance lessons and genres for you.

[During your trial class] Is there a time limit to using the facility during my one-time visit?


[During your trial class] What should I bring to my trial class? Please tell me if there is a preferred outfit.

Please bring your ID.
Wear clothes that are easy to move in, such as running shoes, t-shirts and shorts.
Please fill out a simple survey on the day of your visit.

5. Procedures for joining, etc.

[Before joining] How long does it take to become a member?

About 30 minutes.

[Before joining] Please tell me about the joining process.

We check the membership type, payment method, charges, and things you need to take classes ⇒ we will check the qualifications for membership ⇒ you will fill out membership registration forms, etc. ⇒ you will make a payment ⇒ we will create a membership card for you ⇒ we will give you a tour of the facility.

[Before joining] If I were to register today, when can I start using the facility?

You may start using the facility on the same day.

[Before joining] How old should I be to register? Can children become members too?

Yes. Only preschool children cannot become members.
Those under 18 years old (high school students and under) can become members under their parent’s or guardian’s name, who must be present at the time of registration.

[Before joining] I am quite old. Is there an age limit?

There is no age limit. You may take our classes as long as you can do so by yourself.

[Payment plan] What kind of memberships and payment plans are there?

Please check “here.”

[Payment plan] If I become a member right in the middle of the month, how would I be charged?

You will be charged half of our monthly rate. We also have weekly discounts.

[Payment plan] Is there a limit to the lessons I can take?

No. However, our policy does not allow people entering the class mid-lesson. Please make sure to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the class.

[Membership payment] When will I be charged for my membership?

You will be charged on the 27th of every month. We can explain this in detail during registration.

[Various procedures after joining] Can I change my membership plan after I register?


[Various procedures after joining] How do I cancel my membership?

Please ask us for cancellation at the front desk before the 28th with your signature stamp and membership card.

[Various procedures after joining] If I were to move, get married, or change my school, should I notify you?

If your address, phone number, name, or mailing address changes, please let us know at the front desk.

[Pre-entering online] Is it okay to enter my personal information online?

We use SSL technology to prevent members’ information from being intercepted, obstructed, or falsified.

[Pre-entering online] Is my registered information perfectly secure?

The information you have registered is managed appropriately by our privacy policy.

[Facility / equipment] Is there a place to smoke?

Smoking is prohibited in the entire building.

[Facility / equipment] Is there a place to store valuables?

No. To prevent theft, please bring your valuables into the studio and take care of them yourself.

[Facility / equipment] Is there a parking lot / bicycle cage?


[Facility / equipment] Is there a place to eat inside the building? Do you sell any drinks?

Please visit the salon inside the facility. We also sell drinks at our vending machines for discounted prices to our members.

[Facility / equipment] Can you hold onto my belongings during lessons?

We cannot hold your items due to administrative issues.
Since you can bring your items inside the studio, we ask that you take care of them yourself.

[Services and fees] Can I leave my shoes and other personal items somewhere in the building?

Since we do not have lockers, please take them with you.

[Services and fees] Can I still take lessons even if I forgot to bring my membership card?

You will need to pay a visitor’s rate of 3,240 yen. However, if you bring your membership card and the receipt afterwards, we can refund you the fee. Please make sure to bring them.

[Services and fees] I would like to bring my friend. Can we take classes together?

Yes. Your friend may take a trial lesson (for prospective members), which is limited to once per person.

[Services and fees] Can I rent clothes or shoes?

We do not offer such services.

[Staff services] If I pay a visit, can I always expect someone to explain the dance genres, content of each lesson, and give me a consultation?

Yes. Our dance school employs bright staff who love and are knowledgeable about dancing. Please feel free to consult our store staff.

6. Hiring foreigners

Are you looking for part-timers?

Yes. We look to hire part-timers any time.
For details, please contact us through “here.”

How do I become an employee at your dance school?

Thank you very much. As a professional team, let’s make the school a more fun and enjoyable place! For details, please contact us through “here.”

I want to work as an instructor. How do I do so?

Thank you very much. For details, please contact us through “here.”