Beginners are welcome

1. We care for dance beginners!

The BOX Performers Academy values beginners. The reason is that you can continue to do anything if you have fun at the beginning. There are 340 classes for beginners per month at both Ikebukuro and Omiya schools. 70% out of the total number of classes (500 classes per month), are classes for beginners. More than 80% of students enrolled in our schools are beginners, so they can enjoy lessons and have fun. Also, you should be reassured that there are instructors who are experienced in teaching dance for beginners, and that they will teach you kindly and politely.

In addition, every Sunday, we hold the Super Introductory Classes. The “Super Introductory Class” is a class for beginners with no dancing experience. It is recommended for those who are not good at exercising or moving, or for those who are shy about dancing. Beginners may experience difficulties in regular classes, which are usually group lessons. However, for the Super Introductory Classes, the first 60 minutes are group lessons, and the last 30 minutes are personal lessons. During the personal lessons, you will receive one on one lesson from your instructor. You will be able to ask any questions during the personal lessons. Instructors will teach each person how to use his or her steps and body according to his or her level.  This is the key feature of the Super Introductory Class, which is different from other classes.

We also hold a dance recital every year. Once you are used to dancing a little, please join us. You may be nervous at first, but it’s great fun. It’s sure to become a lifelong memory. Please click here for more details.

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2. We actively train beginner dancers

We operate a Correspondence High School which grants students with high school graduate degrees. Students with aspirations of becoming a dancer, instructor, or going on to college, attend our school. Anyone from any countries are eligible to enroll in this school.

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We also accept short-term students from mainly the ASEAN region. ((1) dance training, (2) internships, and (3) language training).

For details, please refer to the PDF document.