Flexible services
Beginners are welcome
Highly convenient facilities

A wonderful dance experience in Tokyo!

The BOX Performers Academy is a dance school for various levels, starting from beginners, and can be attended by anyone from any countries. We welcome non-Japanese nationals living in Japan for a long or short period of time, employees of international corporations working in Japan, non-Japanese students, and others.

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Trial Lesson Ticket 500JPN (Normally 2,000JPN)
Valid until 2020/01/28


Point 1:

Anyone from any countries can attend our dance school based on your lifestyle and convenience. You can freely choose your preferred programs from 50 genres and 450 classes per month.
Fees are monthly fixed fee, and you can participate in any classes you like without reservations.
Instructors and staffs provide careful support for non-Japanese speakers.


Point 2:

Beginners are welcome! Every Sunday, we hold Super Introductory classes for beginners with very little or no dancing experiences. 150 well-known instructors will provide careful support, so even beginners and inexperienced dancers can enjoy dancing. In addition, we operate a Correspondence High School with dance classes, as well as accept students from overseas for short-term dance training courses.


Point 3:

We operate dance schools in Ikebukuro and Omiya. Ikebukuro School is three minutes walking distance from Ikebukuro Station. Omiya School is also three minutes from Omiya Station. All schools are equipped with wi-fi, cashless payment services, and [clean] changing rooms. Staffs are always stationed to respond politely and swiftly to any questions. Please feel free to let us know any requests.